Reposting for ALL of our amazing teachers who didn’t see this post on Sunday. We hope your week was filled with words and gestures of appreciation that reminded you of your tremendous value. The Mount Pleasant Area School District community is fortunate to have such a dedicated, nurturing and talented faculty!! 💙And, so it begins— TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK 2023!! 📚The impact teachers have on students’ lives is immeasurable. Most often, teachers don't get to witness their personal influence on children’s lives. Once in a while, students return to express the ways in which a teacher has impacted their paths and decisions in life.

Be that current or former student this week. Touch base with a teacher who inspired you and played a key in helping you achieve your full potential.

Teachers, we thank you for the time, effort, and compassion you devote EVERY.SINGLE. DAY to help our students thrive!! ❤️