School Profile

Donegal Elementary School was built in 1958 to accommodate the students from Jones Mill School and Donegal Borough School. These two schools provided classes for grades one through eight. When the two schools were combined, the seventh and eighth grade students were sent to Mount Pleasant. At the new building, there was one classroom for each grade, one through six, plus two rooms used for students in the larger classes. Kindergarten was also added at this time. When first opened, the Donegal Elementary School accommodated approximately 200 students.

Eight classrooms, a library, offices, a music room, and state of the art technological capabilities have been added to the original building complex. The building currently houses approximately 100 students, Kindergarten through Third Grade.

Mr. Scott Bryer Principal

138 Schoolhouse Lane
Jones Mills, PA 15646
phone: (724) 547-4100 x2000
phone: (724) 593-2213 local to Donegal
phone: (724) 593-6813 local to Donegal
fax: (724) 593-7713

Mission and Vision

More info coming soon.