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Rules and Regulations at Donegal ES

Discipline is the responsibility of the entire school community. Members of the school community expect the school environment to be safe, organized, and conducive to teaching, learning and living.  It is the responsibility of the students, teachers, parents, administrators and the Board of School Directors to provide and maintain such an environment.

In accordance with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Education, Title 22, Chapter 12, Regulations on Student Rights and Responsibilities, students of the Mount Pleasant Area School District are expected to follow the responsibilities listed below.
A) Student responsibilities include regular school attendance, conscientious effort in classroom work, and follow the school rules and

regulations. Most of all, students share with the administration and faculty a responsibility to develop a positive climate within the school that

is conducive to wholesome learning and living.
B) No student has the right to interfere with the education of his fellow students. It is the responsibility of each student to respect the rights of

teachers, students, administrators, and all others who are involved in the educational process.
C) Students should express their ideas and opinions in a respectful manner.
D) It is the responsibility of the students to do with the following:

1. Be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior within the handbook and classroom.

2. Volunteer information in manners relating to the health, safety and welfare of the school and the protection of school property.

3. Dress and groom to meet fair standards of safety and health or to cause a substantial disruption in the educational process.

4. Assist the school staff in operating a safe school for all students.

5. Exercise proper care when using school resources and equipment.

6. Attend school daily.

7. Make up work when absent from school.

8. Pursue and attempt to complete their course work to the best of their abilities.

9. Report accurately and not use indecent or obscene/bad language in school.