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 Homeworkopoly is a fun way to encourage and reward children for
completing their homework.  Every student will have the chance to
play every week.

Students must complete their homework for each day of the week. 

This includes having their planner completed and signed by the parent. 

 If students complete their homework EVERYDAY and have their

completed EVERYDAY for the week, they will have the opportunity to

roll both dice.  This will enable them to move their game piece.

I understand that there are OCCASIONAL circumstances that can

prevent homework from being completed.  If students miss one

 assignment or one day of completing their planner, they can still play. 

 They will be able to roll only 1 die.  In cases where more assignments

are missed, students will not be able to roll the dice for that week. 

 Students must be present to

play.  They can not make up a turn. 

    1. Special Spaces
      • MYSTERY PRIZE-When a student lands on this space,
        will receive a grab bag.
      • BRAINBINDERS- These are foldable paper puzzles that
        range from very easy to very challenging.  They are a fun
        way to challenge your brain!
      • GAME SPOT- Student gets to lead a class game during
free time.
      • FREE HOMEWORK-The student gets a free homework pass
 for the night when landing on this space. This can be used for one assignment that is not graded. 
    • TAKE A SEAT ON THE BUS-When a student lands here, they
       go to the yellow square diagonally across the board. When
      on this square, the student must complete a skill page before
      resuming the game.
    • GO-When landing on go, the student can pick a prize from the
       reward box.
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