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Classroom Information

Be Prepared                                                          


Teacher Phone Number

724-547-4100 (extension 2106)


You may access your child's grades online using the provided school website and the password that was sent home. 
If you have not received or have misplaced the password, please contact Mrs. Mctavish in the office
 at 724-547-4100 (extension 2000)


Grading Scale


A   90-100%


C   70-80%

D   60-70%

U   Below 60%


  1. Please, have an excuse submitted within 3 school days.
  2. The excuse must include:

    a. Student’s FULL NAME


    b. Student’s grade

    c. Date(s) of absence

    d. Reason for absence

    e. Parent/Guardian signature

  3. A parent excuse must accompany a doctor's excuse.
  4. Vacation days are limited to 5 school days and must be preapproved.
  5. After 10 absences, each additional absence will require a doctor's excuse.

Special Class Schedule


     Day 1          Day 2        Day 3               Day 4       Day 5       Day 6 

     Gym                Gym        Computers       Library       Art          Music




Birthday Treats

     In keeping with the district's health and wellness plan, I ask that parents keep
any treats simple and healthy.


    We have 15 students in our homeroom.  
Currently, there are no students in our room who have a peanut allergies.