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Weekly Spelling Words & Vocabulary Words

  • Weekly Reading Story Words

    **Reading, Spelling & Grammar Tests are usually on Day 6.**


    Lesson 25: Mountains: Surviving on Mt. Everest

    altitude - height above Earth's surface
    approached - came near
    avalanches - snow or rock slides on a mountain
    equipment - supplies
    halt - to come or bring to a stop
    increases - becomes more
    section - part of an area
    slope - a slanted surface
    succeed - to accomplish something attempted
    tanks- containers

    SPELLING WORDS..... (Suffixes -less, -ness)

    Basic Words....
    painless     helpless     thankless     hopeless     fearless     careless     spotless
    sickness     sadness     kindness     darkness     thickness     goodness     softness
    Review Words...
    useful     weakly
    Challenge Words....
    breathless     eagernes