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  • Please check your child's planner. Students are given time to write homework in it every day and told to take it home everyday, even if there is no homework.  (You do not have to sign it.)

    Usually there will be math homework every night, even Fridays...sometimes.

    Spelling words and vocabulary words & definitions should be practiced for throughout the week in preparation for the Spelling test and Reading tests on Day 6.  Look on this website under "Weekly Spelling Words & Vocabulary Words" if you don't know what they are.

    The reading book should be taken home at least the night before the reading test so students can reread the story. Usually we will be doing 1 reading story / 6 day cycle with the Reading tests (& Spelling tests) given each Day 6. 


      Daily Homework 


    Monday-Day 1 (5/20)



     Tuesday- Day 2 (5/21)

    Math -  Basic Multiplication Facts Worksheet


     Wednesday- Day 3 (5/22)

    Math -  Multiplication Worksheet

                 Practice basic multiplication facts! Test tomorrow - Basic Multiplication facts


     Thursday- Day 4 (5/23)



     Friday- Day 5 (5/24)-