Fifth Grade Changing Program




Every year, we offer the Fifth Grade a class on Puberty for Boys and Girls.  We use P&G School Programs as our reference and supplier of needed materials.   P&G School Programs offer educators a wide range of materials to help guide students and inform them about puberty.  


A parental permission slip is sent home prior to the scheduled program.  If there is no parental permission, the student may not attend the class.  Below is a link to obtain a copy of the permission form.


The Boys and Girls are broken into separate groups and each group has its own video to watch. Below are links that will take you to the video that the students will watch. During the video, we have students write down questions they have and place them in a basket.  We require all students to place the question form in the basket, even if there are no questions asked on it. This way, no one is embarrassed to place their form in the basket. Students do not write their names on the question forms for confidentiality.  After the video, we then pull the forms and discuss the question that has been asked on the form.  At the end of the program, everyone receives their own kit.  


  • At a young age, a girl’s primary concern is to understand her body. The kit includes 1 girl educational booklet and 1 parent postcard with special savings for mom. May contain 1 Always 3-ct liner sample with insert card.


  • Developing young men can often be hesitant about their bodies. The kit include 1 boy booklet that offers answers to many of their questions and can help start the discussion with a trusted adult. May include a 1-ct Old Spice deodorant sample.


Click here for GIRLS:

   Click here for BOYS: 



Consent forms are located at the bottom right corner of screen.   

Open File, Enable Editing and print document.