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Handwriting and Writing


Students are expected to write the lowercase and capital letters correctly.
Students are also expected to be able to write their first and last name correctly (without looking at their nametag).  Only the first letter of the first and last name should have a capital.
We will practice holding our pencils correctly and forming the letters correctly in first grade.  We will also focus on using the three lines (top, middle, and bottom).  Students should be starting their letters from the top or middle lines and going down, not starting at the bottom and going up.
Students will be writing stories in first grade.  We start slowly by first just finishing sentences.  Then we move on to writing one or two sentences together.  From there students will write one or two sentences on their own.  Then we write a story together.  Next we write part of the story together and the students finish it.  Finally students will write their own story.
We focus on these things when we write:
     *Spacing between words
     *Capital letter in the beginning of the sentence, on names, and I
     *Correct punctuation at the end of a sentence
We follow the following writing process:
     *Brainstorming (Prewrite)
     *Sloppy Copy (Write)
     *Edit (Revise)
     *Good Copy (Publish)
We also use illustrations to help enhance our writing.