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Spelling Lists


What Is a Pal?
(play, be, 
you, help)
The Storm
(he, look, have, for)
Curious George
(do, they, find, no)
Lucia's Neighborhood
(my, here, who, does)
Gus Takes the Train
(many, pull, hold, good)
Jack and the Wolf
(come, said, 
call, away)
How Animals Communicate
(of, how, why, some)
A Musical Day
(our, today, she, her)
Dr. Seuss
(write, draw, was, read)
A Cupcake Party
(give, put, eat, take)
Sea Animals
(cold, where, 
little, water)
How Leopard Got His Spots
(very, know, out, been)
(yellow, open, new, goes)
The Big Race
(into, starts, over, watch)
Animal Groups
(bird, both, eyes, walk)
Let's Go to the Moon
(chose, wrote, because, light)
The Big Trip
(street, please, maybe, sure)
Where Does Food Come From?
(paint, spray, under, food)
Tomas Rivera
(flown, toast, paper, laugh)
Little Rabbit's Tale
(rowboat, homemade, paper, laugh)
The Tree
(smart, chart,
pretty, better)
Amazing Animals
(curl, first, baby, learning)
Whistle for Willie
(crook,hoof, together, again)
A Butterfly Grows
(grew, scoop, places, anything)
The New Friend
(shout, power, family, school)
The Dot
What Can You Do?
(shorter, shortest,
happy, different)
 Days with Frog and Toad
(myself, brighter, large, heard)
 Inspector Hopper
(quickly, hopeful,
happened, idea)
 Winners Never Quit!
(silent, sorry,
people, field)