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Classroom Wishlist

Mrs. Sterf- Homeroom 102

Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, and Social Studies Classroom Supply List


  1. *Pencils (mechanical if your child prefers those)
  2. A Zippered Pencil Bag
  3. *A big eraser that still fits in the pencil bag
  4. A highlighter

Other supplies you may want

  1. Colored pencils (I have some of my own that the students are welcome to)
  2. Folders (I provide a writing folder and homework folder)

For the classroom we can always use:

  1. Boxes of Kleenex (We run out of these constantly.)

That’s all folks!

*I have these items and can provide them. You’re definitely free to bring your own though.

Note, if you’d like to bring your own hand sanitizer, I ask that it please be non-colored. A colored one spilled in my room before and it looked like the Koolaid Man exploded. :)