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SPAC - State Parent Advisory Council

SPAC - State Parent Advisory Council

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) created the Title I State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) in 1990. SPAC includes parents of children participating in Title I. The purpose of this council is to share ideas with the Division of Federal Programs about involving Title I parents to increase student achievement. SPAC parents advise PDE on many aspects of parent involvement-from working with children at home to developing partnerships among parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders to create effective and engaging parent involvement programs.

SPAC has three main goals:

 • To distribute information and share ideas that will increase parent participation in Title I programs.

 • To identify successful parent involvement programs that can become models for schools with limited parent involvement.

 • To give parents the skills and knowledge to become advocates for Title I children.

SPAC accomplishes these goals through these major activities:

 • An annual Title I parent training conference;  for more information about the conference visit

 • A statewide parent resource center;  for a copy of the available resources click the file below.

 • Visits to Title I schools that request assistance in increasing parent involvementThe Title I State Parent Advisory Council is funded with Title I State. 

 • Administration Funds by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs through contract with Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV.