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Welcome/ About Me

     My name is Ed Drury and I am excited to join the staff at Donegal Elementary School. The 2018-2019 school year will be my 6th year teaching and 5th within the Mount Pleasant Area School District. I have been teaching at Norvelt Elementary for the past 4 years within several grade levels. Before moving my family to Ligonier a few years ago, we resided in Acme and my oldest two sons attended Norvelt Elementary through 3rd and 5th grade. My wife, Jane, and I have four sons, Klaidon 11th grade, Khorter 9th grade, Knation 4th grade, and Knourth 3rd grade. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy golfing, archery hunting, and fishing.

     I was glad to hear that I would be teaching Reading and Language Arts to the two upper-grade levels at Donegal Elementary. Throughout my children's lives and now through teaching, I have always worked to foster creativity by reading, telling stories, and writing.  Although it may prove to be challenging, I hope to provide or add some enjoyment in writing and reading. Through experience in my own house and teaching, I understand that not all students feel confident when reading or writing; as the entire process can become frustrating. Time will be devoted in class to the writing process and students will be encouraged to incorporate their interests into assignments. Your student will also be provided with choices as often as possible, especially with reading, and on occasion, students may be asked to direct their own reading or writing assignment.

     Lastly, I hope to develop a positive relationship with all students and foster a community of understanding and respect. Again, I speak from experience within my own household, knowing each student understands and reacts differently to social situations and authority. A concerted effort will be made to teach the importance and benefits of treating everyone with respect and dignity. I hope to emulate this daily and create a great atmosphere for collaboration and learning.  I hope your student finds the year enjoyable and rewarding.